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Investment Executive, Business Consultant, Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker
Adam Scully-Power
Adam Scully-Power
Adam Scully-Power

Adam Scully-Power is a highly experienced investment executive and advanced sales and marketing consultant with an extensive career growing successful territories, products and businesses in the asset management and insurance industries. He's helped design innovative, award-winning investment strategies and developed the brand, marketing and sales campaigns that drove multi-billion-dollar sales growth.

A leader with an executive presence who has the perspective of having worked across sales, investments, product development, product management, marketing and advanced consulting, Adam brings a rare combination of vision, strategic thinking and ability to help firms grow in a rapidly changing world. He is a subject matter expert, thought leader and sought after keynote speaker on capital markets, investment strategy, wealth planning, practice management and professional development.


Some motivate. Others educate. But it’s the rare individual who can blend inspiration with the experience and knowledge to turn ambition into action and drive transformational change. 

But what makes Adam's story truly unique is his transformational health journey from middle-aged investment executive and father of four to ultra endurance athlete. On the cusp of his 40th birthday, Adam found himself completely out of shape, 50 pounds overweight and the furthest thing from fit. It was time for a major life change. 

It began by watching a popular documentary film that advocates a more plant-based diet, overhauling his relationship with food and lacing up the running shoes in a quest to get in better shape. It wasn't long before the weight started to melt off, his energy level exploded and the number of miles he was running quickly grew.


Then one morning a friend provided just the "affirmation nudge" needed for Adam to embark on a journey into the world of ultra distance sports when he attempt his first ultramarathon, a 110 mile nonstop running event. Crossing that finish line in a little over 24 hours fundamentally reshaped his belief in what's possible, not just athletically but in all aspects of life. 


Adam discusses his transformational health journey from middle-aged investment executive to ultra endurance athlete. He talks about taking on some of world's hardest endurance races and the powerful life lessons learned. 

Adam Scully-Power

Since that initial race, Adam has run many ultra marathons, adventure races, multi-day charity endurance challenges and battled back from a severe case of Lyme disease to complete the Triple Crown of 200s, a series of three 200+ mile nonstop ultramarathons across some of the most challenging mountain terrain in the United States.  

Adam completed the Uberman Ultra Triathlon, a 556-mile nonstop triathlon across ocean, mountains and desert of Southern California, which Outside Magazine named as the world's hardest endurance race. The event starts with a 21-mile open water swim in the Pacific Ocean, followed by a 400-mile bike that climbs over 20,000 feet through the mountains before culminating with a135-mile run across the scorching heat of Death Valley an ascending over 8,000 feet above sea level to the finish line at Mount Whitney Portal. 


With the help an incredible support crew, Adam managed to finish the epic event in five days, five hours and forty-five minutes, and is currently the course record holder. Adam's transformation health story and ultra endurance endeavors have been featured in ESPN, Men's Health, USA Today, Yahoo Sports, Boston Magazine, the Rich Roll Podcast and other media outlets. 


The Uberman Ultra Triathlon is considered one of the world's hardest endurance races, where the physical challenge is only surpassed by the mental strength required. In 2019, Adam epic event and managed to set a new course record.  

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Adam understands the unique challenges and pressure business leaders, sales professionals and top performers face, because he’s been in their shoes. He’s spent over two decades building successful businesses, developed the mindset to push physical and mentally through extreme endurance challenges and has learned tools and strategies to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

With a passion to help others pursue their most ambitious personal and professional goals, he decided to put his extensive experience and unique perspective to work and launched Other Side of Limits, a performance coaching and consulting group helping individuals, teams and organizations develop the mindset, tools and strategies to reimagine the boundaries of what's possible and find the other side of their own perceived limits. 

A dynamic keynote speaker, Adam inspires audiences of all types by sharing compelling stories, powerful life lessons, cutting-edge research and actionable strategies that remind us of the enormous untapped reservoir of human potential that resides within each of us to take on big challenges, to overcome difficult odds and to achieve so much more than we think we can. 


In this keynote opening, Adam reminds us of the enormous untapped reservoir of human potential that resides within each of us, to take on new challenges, to overcome difficult odds and to achieve so much more than we think we can.

Adam Scully-Power

Adam resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and four children. When he isn’t working, coaching, speaking or spending time with his family, you can find him training for his next adventure. 

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